10 Best CSS Animation Effect on Codepen (source code)

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CSS animation effect is a method of animating specific HTML elements without using JavaScript or Flash. An animation lets an component regularly exchange from one style to another style. Actually there is no limit of changing CSS properties, you can change it number of time if you want.

For using CSS animation, you must be select some keyframes for using the animation. Keyframes contain what kind of style will have at certain times.

Here is top 10 animation effect with example for you,You can easily use this.

1. Menu Dot Hamburger Icon Animation

Author: Tamino Martinius
Created: August 8, 2018

View Demo And Code

2.CSS Handbook Download Animation

Author: Yancy Min
Created: July 28, 20

View Demo And Code

3.Connected Animation

Author: Sean Codes
Created: July 1, 2018

4.CSS Animation: Time of Day

Author: Olivia
Created: April 23, 2018

5.Get Attention Animations

Author: Jerry Jones
Created: September 11, 2017

6.CSS Reveal Animation Text And Images

Author: Anthony Fessy
Created: March 14, 2017

7.Cool Layout with Complex Chainable Animation

Author: Nikolay Talanov
Created: July 10, 2016

8.Card Swipe Animation Material Design

Author: Michiel Bijl
Created: September 11, 2014

9.Animated Shopping Cart Icons

Author: Joni Trythall
Created: May 7, 2014

10. CSS Animation Material Design

Author: Zoë
Created: September 10, 2014

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