Top 10 CSS Border Animation | Border Effects CSS3

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CSS border animations is a part of CSS code examples effects. Its a effect that maintain border by using animation. You can use different kind of Border animations if you want to create border with animation. Pure CSS border animation are some useful mixing to help you create & customize your own CSS border animation effects.

Here is top 10 Border Animation for you;

1. SVG Ellipse Border Animation

css border animation

Author:Corey Bullman
Created: July 6, 2016

2. Button Border Slide Mixin

css3 border animation

Author:Thomas Vaeth
Created: July 05, 2017

3. CSS Border Animation

top 10 css border animation

Author: uiswarup
Created: August 6, 2018

4. Border Composition And Animation

css border animation

Author: paolo cavana
Created: July 27, 2016

5. Border Animation

css border animation

Author: Inderpreet Singh
Created: July 08, 2016

6. CSS Border Hover Transitions

css border animation

Author: Jamie Calder
Created: October 24,2015

7. Border Animation Without Svg

css border animation

Author: Rplus
Created: September 26,2014

8. Double Border Animation

css border animation

Author: Antare
Created: December 11,2014

9. Border Gradient Mixin

css border animation

Author: John Grishin
Created: April 24, 2014

10. Border-radius Animation

css border animation

Author: yuku
Created: June 25, 2013

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