Top 5 Most Popular Bootstrap Editors For Build of Responsive Websites

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Bootstrap is the most recent innovation in the industry. It is a web framework specifically for designing web applications and websites. The framework is free. Also, the rapid popularity of bootstrap is attributed to the open source idea. Bootstrap CSS and HTML design templates determine typography, navigation, buttons, and other components that influence appearance of an interface. Bootstrap also contains JavaScript extensions specifically for frontend development.

The current rating of the framework is beyond most tools that have been existing in the field for a long time.

History Of Bootstrap

Previously, interface development was a tedious process. Multiple libraries had to be integrated at different stages hence inconsistencies in the results. It was also costly to maintain each of the tools because developers of the time were only specialists in one library. Bootstrap was built to take care of these inconsistencies; the primary aim of developing the framework was to reduce the inconsistencies in the development process. Bootstrap was first known as Twitter Blueprint.

The original idea was to come up with an internal tool to focus on frontend designs. In the process, the idea expanded to a platform for various Bootstrap design patterns. This was the emergence of Bootstrap. The fact that it was a team of product, the developers decided to make it open source to encourage contributions from other developers. It was released on August 19, 2011 as an open source framework.

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One year later, the second version of Bootstrap was released. Unlike the original framework, Bootstrap 2 had a twelve-column layout as well as enhanced features to increase its responsiveness. The team of developers with contributions from enthusiasts in technology led to subsequent improvements in the framework to match market trends and demands.

On August 19, 2013, Bootstrap 3 was released with additional features. It had mobile integration capability and a flat design hence simpler and attractive compared to the previous framework.

On the same date in 2015, Bootstrap 4 as the first alpha version was launched.

Bootstrap Editors or Tools:

1. Bootply

free bootstrap editor
Top 5 Most Popular Bootstrap Editors

This is the background for Bootstrap design. The tool allows you to build, edit, and also be creative with your code to enhance beauty of your interface. You can add or remove any element on the code at any time in the development process. The tool is a package; it contains frameworks, micro-libraries, and other plugins. Common tools you can use alongside Bootly are AngularJS, Google Maps, Bootstrap Select, and Font Awesome.

2. Jetstrap

free bootstrap editor
Top 5 Most Popular Bootstrap Editors For Build of Responsive Websites

The interface allows you to help developers and designers get a website ready as fast as possible. You can find all the latest bootstrap templates here to enhance the design process. It is a multi-platform tool; this means you can access your project from any of your devices hence convenience. You can drag and drop all your working in a builder and continue with editing. There is more flexibility in handling a code. You don’t have to go digging through documents, the tool allows you to identify any complicated elements on the code with a markup.

3. Divshot

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Top 5 Most Popular Bootstrap Editors For Build of Responsive Websites

If you prefer a visual perspective of your code for accuracy, this tool enhances your view and creativity. Besides the visual editing element, it contains the latest bootstrap templates that make it a reliable application development platform for developers. The tool ensures you have a quality code at the end of your design process that can be edited at any moment. Flexibility is crucial in website design because ideas will keep coming as the market trends change. Also, advertising objectives will change hence need to edit code. Divshot supports all other CSS frameworks hence easy to deal with; each partition can be added separately on the framework using this tool.

4. Pinegrow

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Compatibility makes this tool popular and a favorite for many developers. It runs as a desktop application for Mac, Linux, and Windows; irrespective of your preferred coding platform, you can integrate components of this tool and enhance your interface design. With the tool, you can easily edit multiple pages; use CSS and LESS styling options among other features of the framework. It is integrated with a stylesheet editor that allows you to attach and duplicate stylesheets. It does not help you with coding but gives you a sense of direction. Bootstrap CSS is the main component here because it helps you save on effort and time in design.

5. Pingendo

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The visual desktop feature allows you to preview your design even before you specify the prototype and web page responsiveness. UI Bootstrap offers guidance on when and how to include fonts and colors. Remember, bootstrap is about interface design hence the primary function of Pingendo. There are numerous collections of layouts to define your pages. Most people start with a blank canvas.

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